Slow Fashion September

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Over the course of Slow Fashion September, I’m going to share lessons I learned during a 5-year experiment I did.

From mid 2011 to mid 2016, I only bought ONE new article of clothing per year. Things I considered to be “free” or not subject to this rule were secondhand items, underwear, outdoors or protective gear, gifts, and presents bought for others.

I decided to do this because I felt my relationship with new clothes was chaotic. I also knew going to the big box stores was probably not in everybody’s best interest.

I don’t expect anybody else to put themselves through this 1-new-item-per-year challenge, but I hope sharing what I learned might be useful to you and to others.


Am I Too Broke?

I know it may seem like dressing "greener" or more "fairly" might be expensive, but I didn’t need a lot of money to do it. In fact, being a chronically broke person has made it absolutely necessary to always think craftily when it comes to getting dressed on a budget.

For instance, I needed a pair of shoes but I didn’t know my size for the brand I wanted. I found a big box store that carried them, went in, and tried them on. I then went home and found a used pair on eBay in my size that were less than half the price of the new ones. When I got them, I disinfected them. And then I got tons of compliments.

~ ~ ~
Keep on Truckin’ illustration by R. Crumb, edited for #slowfashionseptember , an effort from the @ecofashionchallenge on Instagram